About Moondust...


Moondust… is a pop / rock partnership between Marc O’Solo (vocals / keyboards / programming) and André “Guitar” Courbat (rhythm / guitars / sound engineering ) which materialised in 2008 on the shores of Lake Geneva.

The gestation period for this band has been unusually long due to the tumultuous private life of Marc O’Solo (composer and lyricist) who, back and forth between London and Geneva, reluctantly brought his compositions out into the open...

André “Guitar” Courbat was instrumental in launching Moondust thanks to his vast experience not only as a lead guitarist –supporting acts such as Joe Satriani among others – but also as a sound engineer and arranger.

The band rarely performs live and prefers using the studio for their productions.

The debut concept album entitled “what planet r U on?” is in preparation and with a little luck should be launched at Christmas 2009 after being Mastered by the famed Dinemec Studios in Gland, Switzerland.

Early years

At a very young age, Marc O'Solo (keyboards, vocals, programming) discovered that music made you feel good, so he decided to learn the piano so he could get high at will.

Not long after he was sent to his first piano lesson - but this would also be his last... Why? Because Chopin, Mozart or Bach just didn't get him high - not even buzzed !

In his teens he went to an eerie school in the barren moors of the north of England (a type of Hogwarts pictured on "Little Queenie")... Rather than studying Latin, however, Marc O'Solo would be found in the basement in one of the glass cubicles hammering at the piano...

Later years

Marc spent most of this time searching for his own style and became disillusioned with many of the musicians he came into contact with... These seemed incapable of playing anything else other than variations on the 12 bar blues - but more than that, they were only into music to impress their girlfriends... So Marc went solo, hence the name...

Recent years

Marc O'Solo had the fortune of meeting up with some very remarkable musicians - particularly the amazing André Courbat who has played as supporting act for guitar legend Joe Satriani among others - who lent their experience and know-how to rework some of the tunes he composed and Moondust... was born.

The results of this partnership are here at the demo stage waiting to be reworked by the famed Dinemec Studios... We have tried to perfect them to the best of our ability with the equipment and knowledge at our disposal. We hope you will capture the spirit contained therein while we wait for the Masters...

Until then, all the best to you and goodnight !


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